Day: January 4, 2018

The Advantages of Using Kik

Kik Messenger App has been constantly looked up worrying parents if the app is safe for young people to use especially as it is getting more popular among teens. The app has features that allow users to exchange messages, photos, videos, stickers, and attach multimedia content from third party sources such as YouTube. But it’s main special feature is how Kik preserves each user’s anonymity. Users are able to register purely with email and password without getting coerced to enter their phone number to complete registration. One of the personal things that Kik uses to enhance your user experience is by storing logs of IP addresses from your registered device to determine your location.

The app itself has already 300 million registered users, where 40% of the users are teenagers in the United States. Kik is an advantage through adding another platform for young people to communicate with each other based on their similar interests. It works the same way as most instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp, but it has also the same features as Snapchat does. This combination of merging both instant messaging and the ability to share media such as videos, pictures, and have interactive stickers shared to further express your emotions are a great way for users to share their creativity.

While it is understandable that Kik is more focused towards young adults as this can spark curiosity in them to start initiating conversations with someone they don’t know. is a great start in helping users to find someone with similar interests to talk to. Adventurous people can register themselves into the bestfinder – kik usernames db by adding their username, age, gender and some details about yourselves to get the ball rolling. There are options for people looking for a more intimate conversation to view a list of users who would want the same thing so that it sets some ground rules that you are giving others permission to allow other users to find you.

Learning the Basics in Sewing

We are quite blessed these days as if we want to learn about something, we can always find some references online. Like for example when one wants to learn how to sew, he can just search for it online and for sure, he will right away come across with something.

Before learning the basic in sewing though, one must first make sure he already has one of the top 10 sewing machines. This way, he can be sure his learning process will be smooth sailing.

So are you now ready to learn? Do you already have one of the top 10 sewing machines?

  • Since you are still a newbie, you should select a straight stitch first. You can refer to the manual about the settings. This is usually the kind of stitch used aside from the zigzag stitch.
  • You should practice on a scrap material. As much as possible, you can choose a fabric that will be easy to deal with.
  • Hold the fabric by putting down the presser foot. You should see the control of the machine. There will be no need to pull the fabric just to advance as the feed dog under the presser foot is designed to do that. In fact, if you pull the fabric, you might only damage the needle.
  • One more thing, you need to hold both the loose ends of the thread while doing the first stitches so as they will not retreat into the fabric. You can just let go of them when you have done a short distance.
  • You need to press the foot pedal as you go. Just like how you do it with your car, you can do the same thing with this. You can start slower at first and then deal at your pace after.

Note that for the best results, you should get one of the top 10 sewing machines.