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Should You Feed your Dog Raw Food?

If you’ve got tempted after seeing the sign “Puppy for Sale Singapore” or Adopt a Dog Singapore in any sort of media advertisement and you somehow have ended up getting yourself a little canine for yourself, other than giving love and protection, being a dog owner requires knowledge in what and what not to feed your dog, in this case, should you feed your dog raw food.

People may believe that high maintenance dogs such as a Samoyed or a Poodle Singapore should just stick with gourmet food that has a mixture of premium cooked meat and vitamins as raw meat is commonly speculated to have stray bacteria and diseases. However, that is not entirely the case.

Canned foods and pet kibbles have been generalized as the main diet for dogs. Raw feeding on the other hand usually involved meaty bones with a mixture of other foods such as eggs, dairy, fruit or vegetables. It is believed by raw feeding advocates that it is healthier than traditional commercialized dog food. The majority of pet owners who have fed their canine raw meat claimed that they noticed a significant increase in energy in their dogs along with a healthier looking coat. Even so, there is no scientific evidence to back these claims.

The risk that comes with raw feeding often scares pet owners far more than the benefits that it claims to have. Harmful bacteria found in raw meat such as salmonella, e.coli, or parasites can cause quite a huge problem towards your dog’s health. Risks of bacteria infection could potentially impact household members with low immune systems. Other than the risk of bacterial infection, feeding your dog solely on raw food will present symptoms of nutritional deficiency in a few weeks. Digestive issues are also a factor to be considered as some dogs may experience diarrhea after ingesting raw food.

Nevertheless, not all canines are the same and some may react well to raw food in their diet. It is a trial and error decision to get to know which foods pair well with your pet.