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The Different Types of Gaming Chairs

It’s often confused by non-gamers who have no interest in gaming chairs is that there is only one type of gaming chair. However, they would be surprised that there many types of it and they often take the look of a racing car chair. If you are a devout gamer and in the middle of deciding which gaming chair is for you, here are a few common and popular gaming chair picks.

  1. Racing Gaming Chair.

These type of chairs often have flashy colors and a cool design that makes you look like a pro not to messed with. The Racing gaming chair has seats built with a bucket design similar to those built for racing cars, making them incredibly comfortable to sit on for long periods. These chairs are usually designed ergonomically with height adjustment features and reclining backrest.


  1. Rocker Gaming Chair

Rocker chairs are usually for gamers looking to maximize comfort while setting aside other focuses on ergonomics and posture support. It’s an incredibly comfortable chair, but it might cause discomfort to your back after a long period. Rocket chairs are designed in an L-shape with a backrest that is heavily padded.

  1. Pedestal Gaming Chair

The Pedestal chair has similar designs to a rocker chair, but attached with a pedestal to make it raised slightly from the ground. The Pedestal chair is designed to be an ergonomic chair that makes them a great choice for longer use. Unfortunately, the Pedestal chair is more suitable for console gaming as they are lower to the ground compared and no height adjustment features are available.

If this isn’t enough, a Polish website called gamingchairs.pl where it helps avid gamers choose the right gaming chairs with a list of extensive information and comparisons. “Krzesła gamingowe” or “fotele gamingowe”, or also known as gaming chairs, ranks gaming chairs on their website as well under “fotele dla graczy ranking”. They also include a section for those searching for a chair with a budget under 500 Polish Zloty, also known as “fotel dla gracza do 500 zł”  in Polish.

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